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Located at: 66B River Road, Hudson, NH 03051. Phone (603) 595-8708

We have been industry specialists in the handling of E-Waste for over 30 years.
RST Reclaiming Co. Inc. is a woman owned company, helping Businesses, Municipalities and Residents, efficiently reclaiming 100% of materials while maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity.

We accept virtually all electrical and electronic equipment. Common materials include:

  • Computers and Peripherals-Circuit Boards, Hard Drives, Power supplies
  • Monitors-CRT and Flat Screen
  • Laptop Computers
  • Office Equipment-Copiers, Fax, Telcom, Printers
  • Networking Equipment-Switches, Routers, Hubs
  • Testing Equipment-Oscilloscopes, Analyzers
  • Wire and Cable-Copper and Aluminum
  • Precious Metals-Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Non-Ferrous Metals-Copper, Aluminum
  • Ferrous Metals-Steel, Cast Iron